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Fill application form with your data and attach choreography link (Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox,...)
If you want to send the video on CD or DVD, please send it to:Burgos & New York International Choreography Contest
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Information and contact: (+34) 947216522 (+34) 605257470 (+34) 619416978

 Contemporary Dance

Application Form

This competition is open to choreographic trends from Graham, Limon and Cunningham to present neoclassicism, going by trends such as Forsythe or Killy and also those where the quality on innovation and the choreographic composition domain in addition to the forefront of the styles are in experimental phase and emerging as "new trends". The competition brings styles, trends and volumes of the choreographic composition together regardless of any aesthetic stage or the number of performers. 
We'll select a maximum of 14 choreographies, which will compete to apply for the 3 prizes of the competition and the other awards categories: solo pieces, duet ones and group performances. This selection will be made through the film material sent by the participants.
Preference will be given to those pieces created for the competition, presenting a world premiere. Pieces must not exceed 10 minutes, those that exceed these limits will be disqualified. The maximum number of dancers and choreography will be 8. There will be two days of competition, competing 7 choreographies each day. Third day will be spend on a Awards gala at Principal Theater in which only the winners will perform. 
The participation of this contest implies the acceptance of these bases and the general bases.


 Hip Hop / Street Dance

Application Form

This competition rewards stage creations or performing arts that use urban languages, which include all kinds of hip hop styles; from old school, like popping, locking, animation,... to the new style, hype, krump, commercial dance, house, wacking, voguing, … including bboying or breaking, as well as new fusion with other existing dance languages.
It promotes the renewal and promotion of urban dances by creating a space where artists can present their creations and research from urban dances, while serving as a gateway to the circuits of the performing arts.
A maximum of 6 choreographies will be selected, which will compete for the 2 cash awards of the competition, and other prizes consisting of participation in tours, functions, selection for other festivals or artistic residencies, for works with a single dancer, two dancers or groups, indistinctly. This selection will be made by the film material sent by the participants, who will present a choreography. Choreographers selected for competition must compete for a maximum of 10 minutes. The competition will be held in 2 days, the participants will be divided into two galas, the third day (closing gala and awards ceremony) will only dance choreographies that opt ​​for cash prize.
The maximum number of dancers per choreography will be 10.
Minors must be accompanied by their parents or guardian with the corresponding parental permission.
The participation of this contest implies the acceptance of these bases and the general bases.


 Dance on the street

Application Form

"Dance on the Street" competition is open to dance proposals of any choreographic language and style, created to be exhibited in public spaces and whose main motive is the use of open space and closeness to the public on street.
A maximum of 6 proposals will be selected, which will compete to apply for the 3 prizes of the competition and the other awards categories: solo pieces, duet ones and group performances. This selection will be made through the film material sent by the participants.
The works may have a duration of 15 to 20 minutes, those that exceed this limit will be disqualified.
The maximum number of dancers per choreography will be 8.
The competition will be held in 2 days, competing 3 choreographies every day. It will be developed in different emblematic spaces of the city, making performance for Jury and public.
The participation of this contest implies the acceptance of these bases and the general bases.



Application Form

The competition has as its object the artistic intervention of a mural work on a dividing wall of a building located on the street. Participation is open to individual artists and artistic collectives whose members are over 18 years of age, of all nationalities, provided they have done large-scale mural work beforehand.
The theme will be about the world of dance, addressing possible concepts such as body, movement and space.
The works must be original and unpublished and those that have been previously awarded or are awaiting the judgment of a jury will not be accepted. The participant declares and guarantees to the organization that he is the sole owner of all the copyrights on the work submitted to the contest and is fully responsible for the absence of rights of third parties in the works presented, as well as for any claim for copyright. image.
A proposal of the different sketches attached to the registration form will be chosen.
The work will be done on the dates of the edition of the contest.
The organizer, on the other hand, will facilitate the accommodation of the selected artist, the diets and a help for trips (200 € trips from abroad or slas Canarias, Ceuta, Melilla and Baleares and 100 € trips within the peninsula).
It will put at the disposal of the selected artist a lifting platform, storage area and the necessary material for the execution of the mural. The materials will be supplied by the organization and the amount of the same can not exceed a limit agreed between the certamne and the participant.
Once the registration deadline has been closed, the participants will be notified of the jury's decision sufficiently in advance before the dates of the edition of the contest.
If the organization estimates that the final result of the work has changed in excess in terms of the initial sketch, you can take action on it.
The authors of the submitted proposals will freely, but not exclusively, transfer the rights of reproduction and public communication to the organization of the contest.
In case the works are used by the organization, they will always appear with the signature of the author of the same. The organization will watch over the conservation of the works registered during this time, but will not be held responsible for the damages produced once the contest has ended.
The participation of this contest implies the acceptance of these bases and the general bases.


Generales Conditions

1.- Preference will be given those pieces created for the competition, that is, the performance is a premiere.
2.- All prizes must be awarded and only the award of Vertical Dance competition can be granted ex aequo, if the jury considers it convenient.
3.- The event is not responsible for copyright generated by the choreography and music of any showed works.
4.- Amateur and professional artists can participate, Spanish or foreigners too, over 18 years. Those who performing the pieces must also be over 18, except the performers and choreographers in Hip Hop and Graffiti category, who in this case must bring a document authorizing their participation in the contest signed by parents and / or guardians, and they must be accompanied by an official responsible adult who can be the dancer, choreographer or performer of the group.
5.- The organizers have the right of using all the footage generated from the event, so it will retain all the materials submitted, including pieces not selected for their historical archives. Likewise the organization is exempt from the rights of the images taken by the photographers of the event during the fulfillment. Local television channels, Regional and National are allowed to film the event for informational purposes only, choreographers cannot prevent the filming of the competition.
6.- A piece that already premiered and received awards of other national competitions may compete, but not if it premiered or an award at international competitions. The winner of the previous edition of Contemporary Dance competition can not compete in the current edition and must wait a year to return.The elements to be rated by the jury are: choreography performing, choreographic language forms and management, elements of innovation, use of stage space, involvement with the music, content and message.
7.- A team of professionals from each section will assess and select the videos that it deems appropriate. The works may be shown in its entirety including the lighting and costumes, or just a recording test. The choreography selected must be identical to the video. No substantial changes are allowed.
8.- The organization takes care of the contestants accommodation and diets in residences, pensions or similar. For groups in locations further afield (includes the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and the Balearic Islands), as is the case of foreign participants, an amount of 200 euro per group (round trip) will be given, but other travel expenses are not include. All other participants (within Iberican peninsula) will be paid the normal cost of travel,- train tickets, bus or car, to a maximum of 100 euro per group. Disqualified Contestants who wish to stay in the Final and Awards gala, must pay for their lodging and food expenses, the organization will provide them with special pricing.
9.- Any other case not covered by these rules, shall be resolved by the management of the Organizing Committee. Being selected in the competition implies acceptance of these rules. Non-compliance could leave participants without the aid of travel and subsistence. 


Catherine Allard
President of the jury

Artistic Director of IT Dansa
Born in Brussels in 1960, she studied classical dance in this city with Carmen Roche and Víctor Ullate. In 1978 he entered the School of Performing Arts
Mudra, Maurice Béjart, where he worked classical dance with teachers José Parés and Azari Plissetski, and the contemporary with teachers Lydia
Azzopardi and Flora Cushman, among others. His first professional contract signed In 1980 with the Junior Ballet of the Nederlands Dans Theater, and
two years later he entered the Nederlands Dans Theater.

Marco Batti

Director del Ballet de Siena (Italia), coreografo y bailarín.Profilo-Batti-2ABT® Affiliate Teacher, certified in Primary through Level 7 & Partnering  of the ABT® National
Training Curriculum American Ballet Theater®, New York, USAAwarded "Best Choreographer" at "Concorso  Internazionale Expression" organized by the International
Dance Association Founder and Artistic Director of the dance company for young  dancers "Balletto di Siena", directed together with the Artistic Consultation of
Maestro Giuseppe Carbone Selected as Young Italian Talent for  "TNT Youth Talent Festival" sponsored by the Minister for Youth, Giorgia Meloni, and produced by the
National Youth Agency Selected by Maestro Giuseppe Carbone with the choreography "ES-SE-RE" to participate at the "Galà Danzaria" closing night of the national
selection of IDEA DANZA - New Choreography IdeasOne of the first Italian teachers to receive the National Training Curriculum Certificate of the American Ballet
Theater® Director of the Dance Choreutic Academic department of the AIDAS (Accademia Italiana Danza Sportiva) under FIDS (Italian Federation of Dance Sport)
Appointed a Federal Commissioner F.I.D.S.Creator of the training method of dance in water "Biomechanics of Dance in Water" Creator of the C.J.M.B. teaching method
(Contemporary Jazz Marco Batti) Appointed a member
of the CID-UNESCO (International Dance Council)

Alfonso Ordoñez Maray

Former dancer, choreographer, artistic coordinator in different institutions. Graduated from the University of Bellaterra in Barcelona, ​​co-founder of Danat Danza in
that same city and choreographer and performer in all his works from 1984 to 2000. Among other awards, he has received the ADE Directores de Escena, the Ciudad
at de Barcelona de Danza A Special Mention of the Unesco Prize of Promotion of the Arts in Expo 92 of Seville. For five years he is part of the Center for Contemporary
Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) as an Associate Company and in 2000 he participated in the choreography at Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, a production for the city
of Cagliari (Italy) under the musical direction of Lorin Maazel. At the end of the same year, invited by the City of León, he returned to his hometown and began the
project of a Choreographic Center. In the legislature 2003-07 was appointed director of the Leonés Institute of Culture (Provincial Delegation of Leon) and during the
last two years of that legislature he occupied the position of councilman of Education and Culture of the Consistory leonés. Later he worked as an adviser of Scenic
Programs at the Century Foundation for the Arts of Castilla y León and as artistic coordinator of the Laboratory of the Arts of Valladolid (LAVA) for five seasons.

Luis Martín Oya

He completed his classical ballet training with Pedro de la Cruz. After completing her studies in dance at the Royal Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and Dance in Madrid
and in the École de Danse Classique Princesse Grace of Monte Carlo, he joined to the Zarzuela National Lyric Theater Ballet, directed by the prestigious Russian dancer
Maya Plisetskaya. From 1990 and under the direction of Nacho Duato, he is promoted to Dancer Soloist and later to First Dancer, dancing most of his repertoire as well
as the most prestigious choreographers such as Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek, Ohad Naharin or William Forsythe among others, with whom he had the opportunity to work
personally. Throughout his career he has represented more than 70 choreographies in the most important theaters and festivals in the world such as Lincoln Center in
New York, Sadler's Wells in London, Bolshoi in Moscow, Metropolitan Festival Hall in Tokyo, Chatellet in Paris, Royal Theater Madrid, Liceo de Barcelona, ​​Sidney
Opera House, Teatro San Martin de Buenos Aires, Israel Jerusalem Festival and Hamburgische Staatsoper Hamburg, among others. He is currently Director of
Production of the National Dance Company under the direction of José Carlos Martínez.

Marta Carrasco Benítez

Journalist. Degree in Information Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has also studied Law at this University and Dance at the
University of York (Canada) .Periodist and critic of dance, currently collaborates in the writing of the newspaper ABC de Sevilla.From 2006 until 2011 has
been a member of the National Council Of the Dance. In 2008 she was Adviser of Dance of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Spain.
From 2008 to 2010 he was part of the National Council of the Performing Arts and Music of the Government of Spain. As rapporteur, she has been part
of the National Dance Forum, Strategic Dance Commission of Spain. Dance Aid Commission of the Ministry of Culture, Advisory Commission for
Academic Activities of the Andalusian Flamenco Agency, Advisory Commission for The Seville Flamenco Biennial, among others. He has been a jury of the
National Dance Prize, Ministry of Culture (five calls), Giraldillo Awards of the Seville Biennial of Flamenco. In 1996, together with Juan Antonio Maesso,
he participated in the implementation of the Andalusian Dance Center, an organism of the Government of Andalusia for the promotion, training and Diffusion of the dance. She also promoted the creation of the Aula Pericet for the preservation of the Bolivian School of the eighteenth century in the Center. She has been co-director of Dansart magazine, specialized in dance published in Spanish and English in Barcelona. He collaborates regularly with dance and flamenco publications such as "Por la danza", "Revista de Dansa Valencia", "Casa de la Danza" magazine and "Cairón" magazine, the latter edited by the University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) Of which he is part of his editorial board. In the publications section, he is the author of the biographical book of the choreographer and teacher José Granero, entitled "El Maestro Granero", edited by the Theater Institute of Barcelona. Co-author of the Dictionary of Dance edited by Oxford University Press, "The Dance in Europe after the Second World War" edited by Routledge Ed of London, and the Ten Year Memorial Book of the Maestranza Theater, edited by the Foundation José Manuel Lara. Together with Eva Díaz she has written the biography of the playwright Salvador Távora, edited by the Lara Foundation of Seville. She is currently in print her next book entitled "La Escuela Bolera Sevillana: Los Pericet" Usually teaches classes and seminars on Spanish Dance and Flamenco In Universities such as Hispalense, Pablo Olavide and International de Andalucía (Seville), Autónoma (Barcelona) and Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). She is patron of the Cristina Heeren Foundation of Flamenco Art (Seville) where she usually teaches the subject of "Stories of the Figures of the Flamenco Dance". He has participated in numerous international dance and research congresses, both in Spain and in other countries of the world.

Ana Cabo

Professional expert in the elaboration, development and implementation of artistic and cultural projects, especially performing arts, music and dance,
managing and designing their aspects of artistic, organizational and budgetary content, as well as their programming. With experience in work and
development of strategies with different public administrations and international organizations. Capacity for the discovery of talents, the organization of
work teams, the organization of conferences, national and international events and meetings and the definition of promotional and marketing contents.
2015 - 2016. Consultancy, production, cultural management and production music and danceMember of the State Culture Council, executive group
(2015), Ministry of Education, Culture and SportsAddress and advice EBB (Elephant in the Black Box) educational project and EBB Junior
CompanyProduction and consultancy Company EBB, Premiere of Gravity 0, with composer Teresa Catalan and French choreographer Jean Philippe
Dury. Production of R & J, on "Romeo y Julieta" by W. Sheakespeare with choreography by J.PH. Dury and original musicDistribution and consultancy, Stocos Company, projects of contemporary music, dance and technology (Pablo Palacios, Composer / Muriel Romero, Choreographer). 2003- 2015 Artistic Direction and Cultural Management Dance Consultant Community of Madrid, (2003-2015) Director International Madrid Festival in Dance (2004-2015): Artistic direction, budget management, organization of technical logistical equipment, search for direct financing and Indirect, proposal and development of lines of communication. Director Dance Window (International platform 2009-2013): attracting experts, international programmers for the diffusion and distribution of choreographic projects and artistic selection of shows. Search for funding program PICE in Spanish Cultural Action (ACE): 2013 Specific coordination and advice on dance performances for the Madrid Community Theater Network (2004-2015) Advice and participation in the development of the catalog of the INAEM Platea Program (National Institute of the Performing Arts 2013-2015)

Ignacio Javier de Miguel Gallo

Doctor in Philosophy and Literature by the University of Valladolid after reading his doctoral thesis, "Theater and parateatro in Burgos, 1550-1752." Study and
documents. Since 1999 is Cultural Technician of the Municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism of the City of Burgos (BMI). As such, it performs the functions of
programming of dance, theater and music in the Forum Evolución Burgos, in the Main Theater, Clunia Theater and other municipal halls of the burgalesa capital.
Together with Carlos Lozano and Juan Luis Sáez he is co-director of the Festival Escena Abierta, organized by the IMC, the University of Burgos and Caja de Burgos. He
also participates in the technical meetings of the Spanish Network of Theaters, Auditoriums and Circuits of the Autonomous Communities and the Network of Theaters
of Castile and Leon. He has also been an advisor to the Culture Committee of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. Formerly, he was Culture
Coordinator of the City of Burgos and Manager of the IMC. In this last responsibility he coordinated the implementation of this autonomous organization (IMC) and the
Teatro Principal de Burgos. Between 1990 and 1994 he was Secretary General of the Mérimée - De Sebastián Summer Courses organized by the French University of
Toulouse-Le Mirail since 1908 in Burgos. He also taught at the Universities of Valladolid and Toulouse-Le Mirail. In the field of cultural management, he has participated
as a speaker in various calls for reflection and training. Among others, at the 1st Congress of the Performing Arts of Castilla y León. For the Consortium Salamanca 2002
was invited to present a communication at the Meeting of European experts on Cultural Management and Knowledge Society. Also invited by the Cultural Center of
Spain in Mexico (Mexico City), gave the seminar "Shake the Continent, Dynamizing theatrical spaces". To this must be added that he has been professor of the Master in Administration of Cultural Industries, organized by the General Foundation of the University of Valladolid, and the Master of Cultural Management organized by the Complutense Institute of Music Sciences and the Complutense University of Madrid. He has also been invited as a speaker in the working days of the Athene (Classical Mediterranean Theaters Network) program in Pula (Croatia). In these years he has been a member of the jury of contests such as the Burgos- New York or the Nonprofessional Provincial Theater Contest. As a researcher, he is a specialist in the Spanish Golden Age Theater. In Toulouse he collaborated in the activities of the French LESO (Littérature Espagnole du Siècle d'Or) and the GESTE (Groupe d'Études sur le Théâtre Espagnol) in the Associated Unit of the CNRS (Center National de la Recherche Scientifique). From his work in the fields of research on the history of theater and the history of literature he has participated as a lecturer in various congresses, seminars and colloquia. In addition, it has several publications, both books, articles and collaborations. His articles can be found in magazines such as Bulletin Hispanique (Bordeaux), Criticón (Toulouse), Bulletin of the Menéndez y Pelayo Library, La Tarasca Revista Teatral or the Cuadernos de Teatro Clásico (Madrid).


Cash Prizes

Contemporary Dance
1º 9000 €
2º 6000 €
3º 3000 €
Hip Hop
1º 2000 €
2º 1000 €
Vertical Dance  
1º 5000 €
1º 1.000 €
2º 500 €
3º 200 €

(International Festival of Theater and Street Arts of Valladolid) 

The TAC in collaboration with the Burgos - New York International Choreography Competition may select one or several works to be exhibited in the framework of the TAC Festival of Valladolid during the month of May 2018.The prize is open to all categories of dance.The management team of the Bu-Ny Competition will be in charge of coordinating the possible assistance of the choreographers to the International Theater and Street Arts Festival of Valladolid (TAC) 
For any of the choreographers participants in any category of contest and consisting of the possibility of turning his work inside the spectacle "GALA DE CREADORES" Coreógrafos del XXI, that anually organizes by Ballet Contemporáneo de Burgos Sl (organizer of the Contest) in the economic conditions agreed in advance between the artist and organizer.

It is an exhibition and meeting platform to promote the different styles of urban dances. The choreographies have to be part of a research process about the different languages of hip hop and the ways of interpreting them. For this reason, the HOP will be able to offer room for choreographers participating in the BU-Ny Contest, in order to create a space where artists can present their creations and investigate based on street dances and hip hop, as well as serving as a gateway to the circuits of the performing arts. In the same way, qualified personnel of the Bu-Ny Contest will be able to welcome creators of the HOP to be present in our competition.

The artist whom is awarded with this prize will be programmed at the TOUR OF THE SOLO DANCE / COSTA RICA / 2018 FESTIVAL. This prize includes the trip from Madrid to Costa Rica (round trip) and covered accommodation in Costa Rica from 7 to 10 days, exact dates will be defined by the organization, included in March 2018. This award is the result of the collaboration between the two contests.

Promoted by the Professional Association of Dance in the Community of Madrid and consists of one of the award-winning choreographies can be as a guest in the Contest of Choreography and Spanish Dance and Flamenco in Madrid.

Possibility of offering a residence for one of the choreographers contestants at the BU-Ny International Choreography Competition, the dates will be agreed between the selected choreographer and the center. 

That may be granted by the Artistic Director of the Balleto de Sienna Marco Batti, member of the jury of the Contest, to any choreographer or participant dancer and consisting of assistance for company, invitations, collaboration, etc.The conditions will be agreed between the contestant and Mr. Marco Batti.

Sponsored by the Dance Space of Huesca, José Espinosa address; and by the ProDanza Huesca Association. Founded on the occasion of the Tribute to Ramón Oller, great international creator of contemporary dance. It consists of a representative gift and its participation as Guests at the Evening of Dance City of Huesca, which will be held in May, with all expenses covered.

Consisting of a participation on a show for the choreographer selected by the Coordinator of the Contemporary Dance Show "OPEN WINDOW TO DANCE", Mr. Jorge López. The exhibition is held in Malaga. The economic conditions will be agreed upon between the winning choreographer of this award and the Open Window to Dance coordinator, Mr. Jorge López, during the course of the International Choreography Competition Bu- Ny.

The director Alberto Estébanez Rodríguez grants a choreographer to participate in the Summer Dance school on July, as a teacher for the subjects of Contemporary Dance and improvisation

Which may be granted to any participant choreographer, it consists of:
1º Direct access to Sabadell Dance Contest.
2º L'Struch choreographic residency, to the company or choreographer selected by the direction of L'Struch.