International Choreography Competition

Burgos & New York 

From July 13 to 29, 2022


General rules

(Except #MovingSpaces)

1.- Those works created expressly for the competition, that is to say, those that represent an absolute premiere, will have preference in the selection process. 

2 .- None of the prizes may be declared void. 

Choreographers who have their works registered in the S.G.A.E. or other similar rights societies, must bring the canon paid for the representation of the same. The direction of the Contest will not pay any fee for the choreographies in competition. Likewise, if the music of the choreography is subject to any kind of canon, the contestant choreographer will bear the expenses related to SGAE or other similar rights societies. 

4.- All choreographies by new and professional choreographers, Spanish or foreign, over 18 years of age, may participate. The performers of the works must also be over 18 years of age, except for performers and choreographers in the Movingspacescategory.  

5.- All film material generated by the competition will remain at the disposal of the organization. The organization reserves the right to keep all the material sent, including the works not selected for its historical archive; likewise the organization will be exempted from the rights of the images taken by the photographer of the Contest during the realization of the same. Local, Regional and National television channels will be allowed to film the competition for information purposes only, no choreographer will be allowed to prevent the filming of the competition. 

6.- In the Contemporary Dance competition, the contest will be open to works that have already been premiered, but those that have obtained first prizes in other competitions during the year of the celebration will not be admitted. The winner of the previous edition will not be allowed to compete and will have to wait one year to compete again. The following will be elements to be classified by the jury: the realization of the choreographies, forms of choreographic language and its handling, elements of innovation, use of stage space, involvement with the music, content and message. The organization of the Contest will be able to include more works in the competition in case there is an excess of short works.

7.- The same dancer may compete in more than one choreography, however a choreographer may only compete with one work in the competition even if he/she has presented several choreographies in different categories. 

8.- A team of professionals, specific for each section, will evaluate the videos and will select those they consider appropriate. The work/s may be shown with all its elements, including lighting and costumes, or simply a rehearsal recording. The selected choreography must be identical to that of the video. Substantial changes will not be admitted. 

9.- The stay of the contestants will be paid by the organization, which will look for residences, boarding houses or similar, as well as their meals. For those groups in which the distances are considerable (including the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and the Balearic Islands), as in the case of foreign participants, a travel allowance of 200 euros will be provided for each group, not including travel expenses. For the rest of the participants, those within the peninsula, the usual amount of travel, train, bus or car tickets will be paid, up to a maximum of 100 euros per group. The disqualified contestants who wish to stay for the final, must pay their accommodation and food expenses; the organization will provide them with special prices.

10.- For the Street Dance competition, "Danza en el Camino" will be the organizing team of the contest, Ballet Contemporáneo de Burgos Sl, who will select the three invited choreographers.

11.- All participating choreographers will have a meeting with the director of the Contest before the beginning of the competition, among other things, it will be clarified for those who are interested and/or have been selected for the tour "Gala de Creadores", "coreógraf@s del XXI", "choreographers of the XXI", "choreographers of the XXI", "choreographers of the XXI", "choreographers of the XXI", "choreographers of the XXI" and "choreographers of the XXI". the economic proposal and conditions of participation for this tour, as well as explaining the different prizes of the competition such as residencies, participation in other festivals, etc. 

- Any other case not included in these rules, will be resolved by the management of the organizing committee.

- Being selected in the competition implies the acceptance of these rules. 

- Failure to comply with them may leave the participants without the scholarships, travel, stay and the possibility of competing.