Application Form

Check the specific bases of each competition, especially the maximum times of the works, and the general common bases before sending the form




(Except #MovingSpaces)

  • 1.- There will be preference of selection those works created of express for the competition, that is to say that suppose an absolute premiere.
  • 2.- None of the prizes can be declared void.
  • 3.- Choreographers who have their works registered in the S.G.A.E or other societies with similar rights, must bring the fee for the representation of the same. The Contest Management will not pay any fee for the choreographies in the contest. Likewise, if the music of the choreography is subject to some type of fee, the contestant choreographer will bear the expenses related to SGAE or other similar rights societies.
  • 4.- All those choreographies by new and professional creators, Spanish or foreign, over 18 years old, can participate. The interpreters of the works must also be over 18, except the interpreters and choreographers of the category of Urban Dance and Graffiti that in this case will bring a document authorizing their participation in the contest signed by the parents and / or guardians and will be accompanied of a responsible person in charge that can be the choreographer or another dancer or interpreter of the group of legal age.
  • 5.- All the film material generated by the Contest will be available to the organization. The organization reserves the right to keep all the material sent, including the works not selected for its historical archive; likewise the organization will be exempt from the rights of the images taken by the photographer of the Contest during the realization of the same. The Local, Regional and National television channels will be allowed to free-film the Event solely for informative purposes, no choreographer will be able to prevent the filming of the contest.
  • 6.- Premiere works may compete, but those that have won first prizes in other competitions in the year of the celebration will not be accepted. The winner of the previous edition will not be able to compete and will have to wait a year to appear again (only in the Contemporary Dance competition). They will be elements to be classified by the jury: the accomplishment of the choreographies, forms of choreographic language and handling of the same, elements of innovation, use of the scenic space, involvement with the music, content and message.
  • 7.- A team of professionals, specific to each section, will evaluate the videos and select those they consider appropriate. The artwork / s can be displayed with all its elements including lighting and costumes, or simply a trial recording. The selected choreography should be identical to the video. Substantial changes will not be accepted.
  • 8.- The contestants' stay is the responsibility of the organization, which will look for residences, pensions or similar, as well as the maintenance of the same. For those groups in which the distances are considerable, (includes the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Balearic Islands) as is the case of foreign participants, they provide a number of aid for travel of 200 euros; per group between round trip, travel allowances are not included. For the rest of the participants, those included in the peninsula, the usual amount of travel, train, bus or car tickets will be paid, up to a maximum of 100 euros per group. The disqualified contestants wishing to stay for the final, must pay their lodging and maintenance expenses; the organization will provide special prices.
  • 9.- Any other assumption not included in these rules will be resolved by the management of the Organizing Committee. Being selected in the contest implies acceptance of these rules. Failure to comply may leave participants without aid, travel and stay grants.