‍Contemporary Dance

‍1st € 9,000

‍2nd 6,000 €

‍3rd 3,000 €

‍Dance on 

‍“Camino de Santigo”

‍12,000 €

‍Dancing with stones

‍1st 3,000 €

‍2nd 2,000 €

‍3rd 1,000 €

‍Urban Dance

‍1st 4,000 €

‍2nd 2,000 €

‍Street Art

‍1º 3,000 €

‍Burgos T-Mueve

‍€ 1,000

‍TAC AWARD (International Festival of Theater and Street Arts of Valladolid)

‍The TAC International Festival of Theater and Street Arts of Valladolid, through its director Javier Martínez "Varillas" will be able to select a or several works to be exhibited in the framework of the TAC Festival of Valladolid during the month of May 2019. The prize is open to all dance categories. The management team of the Bu-Ny Contest will be in charge of coordinating and negotiating the possible assistance of the selected choreographers to the TAC.

‍dFERIA AWARD, the Performing Arts Fair of San Sebastian, through its director Norka Chiapuso may select one or more choreographies to be present in the 2019 edition. dFeria has become a clear reference for professionals throughout Spain and continues to strengthen its ties in the Latin American and European markets . The management team of the Bu-Ny Contest will be in charge of coordinating and negotiating the possible assistance of choreographers to dFeria.

‍LA GOMERA COREOGRAPHIC CENTER PRIZE. Artistic Residences Possibility of offering a residence for one of the choreographers competing in the International Choreography Competition BU-Ny, facing the next year of participation and dates will be agreed between the choreographer selected and the center.

‍CASTILLA Y LEÓN IS LIFE AWARD. For any of the participating choreographers in any contest category and consisting of the possibility of turning their work into the show "GALA DE CREADORES "Choreographers of the XXI that annually organizes the Contemporary Ballet of Burgos (organizer of the Contest) in the economic conditions agreed in advance between the artist and organizer. The annual average of functions with the "Gala of Creators" is between 4 and 5 functions during the month of April.

‍SÓLODOS EN DANZA AWARD (COSTA RICA) The artist to whom this award is granted will be programmed in the GIRA of the SOLÓDOS FESTIVAL IN DANCE / COSTA RICA / 2018. This prize includes the trip from Madrid to Costa Rica (round trip) and covered stay in Costa Rica from 7 to 10 days , Exact dates to be defined by the organization, included in March 2018. This award is the result of the collaboration between the two events.

‍PRIZE EXCHANGE OF AWARDED CHOREOGRAPHIES BETWEEN COREOGRAPHIC CERTIFICATES IN SPAIN Promoted by the Professional Association of Dance in the Community of Madrid and consists of in which one of the prize-winning choreographies could be invited as a guest in the Choreography and Spanish Dance and Flamenco Competition in Madrid.

‍BALENO DE SIENA PRIZE That may be granted by the Artistic Director of the Balleto de Sienna Marco Batti, member of the jury of the Competition, a any participant choreographer or dancer and consisting of assistance for company, invitations, collaboration, etc. The conditions will be agreed between the contestant and Mr. Marco Batti