Organized by the Contemporary Ballet of Burgos and the Municipal Institute of Culture and Tourism of the City of Burgos, which is joined by the important collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain, the 8th Centenary Burgos Cathedral Foundation 2021 and the Board of Castilla y León, under the direction of choreographer Alberto Estébanez, the Competition promotes the art of choreography and the creative values that emerge in the world panorama of Dance of the 21st century. This event makes Burgos a showcase for the latest choreographic creations and trends, counting on a prestigious jury, chaired by the director of the National Ballet of Spain, Antonio Najarro.

The contest maintains the features and contents that have shaped its identity signs in previous years, defending a profile of "creator of movement" that is outstandingly capable of contributing to the dance of the XXI century those lines of work, research and development that will allow the advancement of this art among the choreographers of the world. Only in this way is it justified that the winner (whether a new or established choreographer) can deserve the important economic award and that his work is registered among the great world-wide creators of the list of winners of this competition that includes those who are now great choreographers in Europe, Asia and America.

The Competition maintains a clear commitment to Street Dance with two differentiated competitions "DANCING WITH PIEDRAS" choreography in 360є around the Cathedral of Burgos and DANCE IN THE ROAD choreography inspired by the Camino de Santiago as it passes through Burgos. Both competitions are supported by the Foundation VIII Centenario Catedral Burgos 2021.

In this way Urban Dance, Street Dance, and the competitions of "Street Art" and "Burgos T-Moves" are essential vehicles to bring all forms of dance to the Youth allowing new audiences to be captured.

The Bu-Ny competition maintains important national and international collaborations allowing to show the winning works in a framework of cooperation and work opportunities for the selected choreographers.

Accompany these six competitions an international choreography and dance course, "International Summer Dance in Burgos", exhibitions, video-dance, conferences, free dance workshops and of course a meeting point where artists and audience coincide making the philosophy of this competition:

The spinal axis dance in the exchange of emotions, ideas and resources of scenic art capable of linking love between cultures and peoples

Identity signs