Since its creation in 2002, the Burgos & New York International Choreography Competition has been a platform for the projection of dance and the new languages of movement. It is also a space for creative encounters and dialogue where plural perspectives converge. Each year, it welcomes choreographers from all over the world and develops a wide program of community activities that bring creation closer to the territory and audiences.

Organized by CIDANZ Producciones - Ballet Contemporáneo de Burgos with the collaboration of the Gerencia Municipal de Cultura y Turismo del Ayuntamiento de Burgos, the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte, the Junta de Castilla y León and under the direction of choreographer Alberto Estébanez, the Certamen Burgos & Nueva York promotes the art of choreography and the creative values that inspire dance in the 21st century. This event, which brings together a prestigious jury every year, makes Burgos a special showcase for the latest choreographic proposals and trends.

The Contest always keeps alive the features that have shaped its identity from the beginning, defending that profile of "creator" who, in an outstanding way, is able to contribute to dance lines of work, research and development that promote the development and evolution of the arts of movement. Only in this way is it justified that the winner (novel or consolidated) can deserve the important economic award and that his work is inscribed among the great world creators of the list of winners of this competition.

The Contest also maintains a clear commitment to dance in non-conventional spaces through two different competitions: 'Dancing with Stones' and 'Dance on Camino de Santiago’. The latter section proposes a re-reading of the cultural and historical heritage from the selection of pieces inspired by the Camino de Santiago as it passes throug various autonomous communities in Spain.

Also, the festival is focused on 'Urban Art' with the articulation of two competitions: 'Street Art-Muralism' and 'Burgos T-Mueve', which are essential vehicles to bring all forms of dance and current creation to young people and a space to attract and retain new audiences.

Network of alliances and parallel activities

The festival also maintains important national and international collaborations and links that allow the winning works to be shown in a framework of cooperation and work opportunities for the selected choreographers. It is not surprising that reference brands such as Harlequin Floors, a world leader in dance floors, offers its linoleum to ensure maximum professionalism and safety for the performers on stage.

These five competitions are accompanied by the international course of choreography and dance 'International Summer Dance in Burgos', exhibitions, video-dance, conferences, free workshops or expanded actions in inclusive dance key. And, of course, it is a meeting place where artists and the public coincide making the philosophy of this competition capital:

«Dance, the backbone in the exchange of emotions, ideas and resources of performing art capable of linking love between cultures and peoples»

"It is becoming commonplace for our universal search engine to list the word dance next to the word Burgos".

Burgos' passion for dance is clearly reflected in the impressive achievements of our competition this 2024. With a total prize money amounting to 63,000 euros, our competition has become one of the most sought after by choreographers from all over the world.

This year, the competition extends over 20 days, from July 8 to 27, consolidating itself as a major event in the cultural calendar. More than thirty choreographers and more than one hundred dancers are participating, with more than 300 proposals wishing to be part of the contest and 28 of them arriving to our city to compete.

In addition, this 2024 we are proud to expand "Danza en el Camino" as the most extensive dance route in Spain, starting in Aragón, traveling through Castilla y León and Galicia, and culminating in the main atrium of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. This itinerary includes 15 competition venues over more than 1,000 km, a feat that, due to its continued success, promises to expand even further by 2025.

All this reaffirms its position as an essential event in the international dance scene.

Alberto Estébanez

Director Artístico del Certamen


DIRECTOR: Alberto Esbébanez

PRODUCTION: Sara Sáiz y Leticia Bernardo

TECHNICAL TEAM: Miguel Tena, Alejandra Miñón y Eva Merchán



HOST: Andrea Santamaría


AUDIOVISUALS: Carlos Herrera